Supply Chain & Logistics

Supply chain increasingly is being recognized as a key differentiator among leading companies. Companies cannot afford to come out of this pandemic trusting a disruption won’t happen again. Globalization, low-cost country sourcing and relentless cost reduction and customer service pressures have transformed supply chain from a tactical function to a source of competitive advantage. Today’s supply chain executives manage a complex network of suppliers, manufacturing facilities, distribution sites and third-party providers serving customers in markets around the world. Often key members of the executive committee, supply chain executives also serve as significant architects of strategies that drive shareholder value. 

We are working with our clients to hire executives who are experts in scenario planning, risk mitigation and new technologies to predict, track, map and solve supply chain disruptions rising quickly to top roles. LeadPro is ready to partner with you to understand your current supply chain & logistics human capital needs for today and to develop a strategy for the future. We pride ourselves as having placed many different types of professionals including the following sampling:

Senior Vice President, Integrated Logistics - Global 3PL

Vice President, Fleet Services
- Global Logistics Transportation

General Manager, Distribution Services
- Packaging & Containers Manufacturing

Head of Global Procurement, Power and Cooling
– Cloud Computing

Head of Global Materials Planning
- Cloud Computing

Head of Storage & Memory Sourcing
– Cloud Computing

Head of Data Center Portfolio Management
– Cloud Computing

Regional Middle East & Africa Construction Leader
- Cloud Computing

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