Healthcare Informatics & Life Sciences

LeadPro partners with the medical community to transform the lives of patients through the best scientific, management and leadership talent worldwide. Retailers are not only fixing their supply chains; they are getting into healthcare and pharmacy. And healthcare companies are going through one of the biggest transformations of all: redesigning the way we receive clinical care. Telemedicine, informatics, self-service, wellbeing, cybersecurity, elder care, expanded nursing, insurance services, health software and hardware solutions.

LeadPro is ready to partner with you to understand your current Healthcare and Life Science human capital needs for today and to develop a strategy for the future. We pride ourselves as having placed many different types of professionals including the following sampling:

Head of Sales & Marketing - Health, Wellness & Fitness

Vice President, Marketing
- Dermacosmetic Pharmaceuticals

Head of Sales, Latin America,
Clinical Informatics

National Clinical Director
– Behavioral and Mental Healthcare

Head, Animal & Pet Health
– e-Commerce

Educare School