Renewables & Cleantech

LeadPro, working today, for a clean energy tomorrow. Via our clients' mandates, we are leading the energy transition as well as accelerating sustainable and inclusive growth. Business in the fast-changing energy economy faces constant change. Leadership and vision are now more important than ever. To make sense of the complexity they face, leaders need to synthesize lessons learned from the past and create viable strategies and sustainable advantages. Oil companies are migrating to low-carbon, electric, and alternative energy with a focus in battery storage. Hydrogen and solar innovation will also be a key part in the energy transition through new business models and new technologies. While renewables investment and market support context remain complex, it is attracting considerable interest from institutional investors looking for steady long-term returns. 

LeadPro is ready to partner with you to understand your current renewable, clean energy and sustainability human capital needs for today and to develop a strategy for the future. We pride ourselves as having placed many different types of energy professionals including the following sampling:

President –  Billing & Payments, Global Energy Partnership
VP, Global Charging and Energy Services – Global EV Manufacturer

Head of Renewable Energy Asset Management – Cloud Computing

Head of Renewables and Energy Procurement, Americas – e-Commerce

Principal, Strategic Clean Energy Partnerships
- Cloud Computing

Head, Corporate Social Responsibility
– Cloud Computing

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