Financial Officers

The challenges of the past few years have placed an even greater emphasis on the role of the portfolio Chief Financial officer. The pandemic requires businesses to have exceptional leaders at the CFO level to navigate the challenges the pandemic has created. “It tested whether there have been strong processes in place to allow companies to accurately forecast and have systems and tools that provide critical insights into operations and key value levers. We have helped organizations in Banking, Fintech, crypto, online commerce, global finance, consulting, financial wellness, insurance navigate these challenges.

LeadPro is ready to partner with you to understand your current digital transformation human capital needs for today and to develop a strategy for the future. We pride ourselves as having placed many different types of digital professionals including the following sampling:

Chief Financial Officer, North America - Global Food & Beverage Services

Chief Financial Officer, Latin American & Caribbean markets
- e-Commerce

Global Head of Dynamic Pricing and Yield Management
– Electric Vehicles

Chief AML / Compliance Officer
- Transaction Management, Billing & Payments

VP, Internal Audit,
Maritime Transportation

Educare School